If there ever existed a job where you love what you do AND make significant chunks of money (on a daily basis), it’s bartending. A social environment: your music playing, fun conversations and introductions to new people, a cold beer…and you behind the bar. Here is a job that’s pay keeps you comfortable without selling your personal happiness to a cubicle.


The Toledo Bartending School is the first of its kind in the area.The  Toledo Bartending School of Toledo, Ohio! Run by professional mixologists, TBS teaches you more than recipes, but the skill and confidence behind them. Learn how to be a professional from professionals.


All it takes is 40 hours of training to get you out of your 40 hours of day-job, or just accent your day-job. Ten 4-hour bartending classes, taking place in an operating bar found in the hub of Toledo’s nightlife Uptown District.

Here are some great reasons why you would love your career as a bartender:

  • A pay check every night, not every two weeks
  • Flexible hours
  • An environment you already love, be it in a club, music venue, jazz bar, or the place to catch all the big games
  • Job security and availability
  • Working where socializing is encouraged and relationships are built

Word is that it’s hard to find a job right now...maybe no one is looking in the same places that hire TBS grads, like:

  • Oak Harbor/Fremont
  • Findlay/Bowling Green
  • Sandusky/Catawba
  • Put-In-Bay/Kelly’s Island
  • Maumee/Perrysburg
  • Norwalk/Grafton
  • Tiffin
  • Oregon/Northwood
  • Sylvania/Toledo
  • Adrian/Temperance/Monroe


Maybe they’re just missing these areas, or maybe they don’t have the free local or nationwide job placement assistance from the Professional Bartending Schools of America, a perk from the Toledo Bartending School.



1-800-BARTEND or 419-214-0920 or visit

Hard to remember, we know. Everyone has that bar they go to for the bartender – the bartender that remembers your name, favorite drink, or makes up something new for you each time. The one that tells great stories or listens to your stories. The one that is confident and seems to know everything about making a great drink. The one that graduated from Toledo Bartending School? Become the go-to bartender. Make money. Love your job.

While many professions are taking a dive, bartending thrives—but only if you’re qualified. Let Toledo Bartending School train you to become a Professional Mixologist—with the certifications many places demand.