Why Be a Bartender in Toledo?

Why be a bartender in Toledo?


Your education can be paid off with one night of work.

Too bad all schools weren't like that. Toledo Bartending School is going to teach you all you need to know about your next career move. 40 hours of educational bliss = lifetime of knowledge and job opportunities.


Pay bills without hating the system.

There is arguably one job that plays off of your recreational hours and social life, your love of an active lifestyle and having a good time: bartending. At Toledo Bartending School, you have the opportunity to learn a new skills set for something you can use for the rest of your life. Whether its for a career or for extra cash,bartending is the way to put money in your pockets (and in the bank!) without selling your happiness to a cubicle.

Job availability is easy to find

vb_bar112With the right certifications (found at TBS), bartending positions are easy to find. Bars are on every street corner and new ones are constantly being opened. Best part of it all, Toledo Bartending School offers free nationwide job placement assistance through the Professional Bartending Schools of America and has a great relationship with all the local bars and restaurants.

Not your fair-weather friend.

Do you go to the bar when it's nice out or when it's too rainy to do anything? When you landed a big job or lost it? When your friends are in town or when you?re looking to meet new people? When the economy is great or when times are tough? Bars do well in any scenario, so no need to worry about huge cash flow fluctuations.

Call the BARTENDER HOTLINE at 1-800-BARTEND OR 419-214-0920